A new place for architects gamers is born!

I love modern architecture. I love video games too. There's a lot of sites talking about FPS (first person shooters) games and modding (custom modified games - usually by a fanbased community) BUT I never found out any modern architecture related topic. I modeled some examples of buildings I liked in the Half-Life game engine, and now with the arrival of Half-Life2, I decided to convert the maps (3D worlds) towards this new and more powerful 3d engine, called Source.This place is reserved for people who love architecture AND gaming...Later I'll set a download section of the maps. Wait n see!

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Architect + Gamer Top top toooooooooop !

Écrit par : Michel | 07/06/2005

Nice Isn it the renzo Piano office in italy ?

Écrit par : nico | 11/03/2006

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