Less is more

I'm busy working on my first tutorial for Hammer, based on the iconic Barcelona Pavillion by Mies Van der Rohe (1929). The model in itself is very simple (less is more, said the Architect), but covers every kind of modelling problematics you coud encounter (texture and material making, ground, wall brushes, water planes, glass, furniture, skybox, etc.). I will post it here when it will be finished, in a few days. Here are some screenshots of the work in progress...

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I want more! Show me a detail of those stainless stell cross columns!

Écrit par : Michel | 16/06/2005

Sorry Michel There's no "detail" possible due to the relatively big half-life units... The smallest HL unit is approx 1 inch, and I need at least a precision of 0.5cm to be accurate and faithful to the original detail of the cross columns (very beautifully crafted in reality). This shows the limits of the virtual reality for now...

Écrit par : ryo | 17/06/2005

You rock! This is amazing stuff. I've always wanted to try something like this. Looking forward to the tutorial.

Écrit par : blaz | 17/06/2005

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