Worldwide ModernBuildingOnline 3D Library

I always had the dream of encouraging a worldwide 'famous modern architecture' 3D library, alla GreatBuildingsOnline, but with HalfLife as 3d engine (sorry but DesignworkshopLite sucks for walkthrough). Perhaps with Hammer-talented arch students in universities all over the world, we could reach this goal?! If you have some opportunities, I'd be happy to join the fun!

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WOW ;-) amazing work. it is nice to see other arch-students doing this, what i ever wanted to do. i found the link to your site on the forums of pushpullbar.com and hope to get the time doing this in the near future. its realy great work. but why can't i find any downloads. is it possible to helb you with this ?

Écrit par : [00]TePe aka alex | 24/01/2006

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