Hey! I got a wondeful surprise today...The Tamiyarch series #01 Tadao Ando's Koshino House!!!Fully detailed plastic model scale 1/100 of the famous concrete house built in Japan near Osaka...

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envy!! oh, my god......where did u get this? envy......

Écrit par : 13 | 03/02/2006

Glad to meet you! Hi,glad to meet you.I am a Chinese,major in Architecture.I`m surprised to see the model of Tadao Ando's Koshino House.I like his design.But there are only other model series of TAMIYA which I found in China,I haven`t see the MODERN ARCHITECTS SERIES before. Can you tell me where sell this model? How much is it? Thank you very much.

Écrit par : MIG | 11/05/2006

cool! hollycow! really cool blog!
i like ur hl2 map so much!
do u mind send me some?
my e-mail is echolhk@hotmail.com
3k u very much~~

Écrit par : ECHO | 31/05/2006

can u please let me know if u have any idea where to get it, i'd love to buy one.

Écrit par : lyo_l | 28/09/2006

amazing that is amazing
id love to know where to get one

Écrit par : Dan Auger | 17/01/2008

where did you get that~! that is amazing! I'd love to buy one too!

Écrit par : oh@@@@!!! | 12/11/2008

Je voudrais pouvoir le commander, mais maintenant, mon entreprise n'ont pas assez d'argent pour acheter des trucs cool.

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